Neues Shadow-Update

  • Launcher v4.14.15 (old v4.14.11)
  • Overlay v1.3.7 (old v1.2.13)
  • Renderer v3.2.11 (old v3.1.5)
  • Streamer v2.2.39 (old v2.2.32)

  • Lot of technicals improvements
  • Fix video statistics in the overlay and control panel when using video over tcp.
  • send reply for button/joystick/dpad only if something went wrong
  • Play video while testing audio & video engine
  • New Crowdin translations
  • Quick Menu – Display the notification Win+Alt+O when Quick Menu is Hidden
  • Fix max bitrate
  • Handle Stadia Controller
  • Remove usb menu on linux
  • Fix fullscreen notification at renderer start
  • Quick Menu – open url help center
  • Quick Menu – Add loader when we restart the stream
  • Add screen name for display management
  • On screen switch Quick Menu shows first screen resolutions
  • Notification when reconfiguring streaming
  • Set aspect ratio only if configuration is valid
  • Fix mouse freeze when starting in fullscreen
  • Always reposition cursor to VM position when switching to fullscreen

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