Shadow PC Update – Changelog

Shadow Streamer v2.1.77 and renderer v2.16.19 in official

New features:

  • Display management: all available settings are based on your screens capacities
  • Adding resolution selector
  • Adding framerate selector
  • Automatic detection of the best display settings at start (resolution & refresh rate)
  • Saving last settings for each screen
  • Synchronization with your Shadow desktop settings
  • A pop up will appear when switching from one screen to another on the same device. If you agree to switch to the other display settings, a loader will be displayed until the new settings are applied.
  • New service update system: Shadow Update Manager component to handle all Shadow services Updates
  • Better handling of updates of single components
  • Better handling of reboots after updates have happened
  • Better handling of switches between different versions of Shadow


  • Quick menu icon is now centered
  • Quick menu icon disable option is now displayed closed to the icon itself
  • Packet loss stats are now more precise
  • Video performances on Windows
  • Rework and clean cursor management
  • USB forwarded peripherals are now unforwarded correctly when the Shadow app is closed or when you go back to the launcher on Ghost & Box
  • Streaming window now has a minimum width and height size


  • Fix notification position when the Quick Menu is open
  • Invisible and blinking cursor issues
  • „left Windows“ key issues (sticky, not working)
  • Cursor size now depends on Windows scale settings (DPI aware)
  • Tearing issues related to DX11 on Windows
  • Various streaming crashes

Shadow official launcher v4.10.45:

  • enable display safe mode button
  • fix german translation in quick menu